Restroom Cubicles & Locker Solutions

Greenlam offers exclusive range of exterior and interior grade compact laminates.

Solution For Exteriors

Make heads turn with the incredibly stunning Greenlam Clads. A perfect solution for exterior wall cladding, Clads is a premium range of exterior grade compacts that elevates the décor of your building. It takes the spotlight not only for its magnificent looks but also for its exceptional functionality. Like its unmatched GLE Technology that makes it strong enough to retard fire, extreme weather conditions, and even bacteria. Coupled with its 12-year warranty, Clads is an excellent choice for exterior cladding that lasts decades.

Protection For Interior Walls

The Greenlam Interior Cladding System offers revolutionary cladding solutions for interior surfacing panels that are designed to withstand harsh conditions with as little maintenance as possible. Greenlam Interior Cladding System has seen immense success in application for areas like healthcare, shopping malls, airports, educational institutions, commercial spaces, metro stations, railway stations and hospitality industry – and the secret lies in the unmatched technology that manufactures Greenlam Clads. They are designed to be fade-resistant, abrasion-resistant, anti-bacterial, weather-proof, and fire resistant with high impact strength.